What is OpenMind?

OpenMind allows product companies to solicit feedback and input from users of their product.

Using the OpenMind application, user can:

  • Create ideas that represents features they would like to see in the product
  • View ideas that other users have created, and vote for those ideas which they would like to see added to the product
  • Engage in online discussions with other users
  • Mark ideas of interest to be watched

Using the OpenMind application, product managers can:

  • See concrete information about which features users value most
  • Move features to scheduled releases on the product roadmap
  • Communicate roadmap decisions to the user community

Can I use Open ID authentication?

Yes. Perform the following steps:

  1. You will need to create an Open ID if you do not aleady have one. View the Open ID web site for a list of providers.
  2. You need to update your user profile to associate your Open ID to your OpenMind account. To do so, select Update Profilein the top right hand corner of the page (once you have logged on). Update your profile to associate your Open ID with your OpenMind account
  3. When logging in to OpenMind, click the link Login using Open IDon the OpenMind login screen.

What is an enterprise?

An enterprise is a company. Every user is associated to an enterprise.

What is an allocation?

Allocations authorize users to vote for the features they value most. For example, an allocation with a quantity of 5 allows a user to cast 5 votes. A user can vote multiple times for the same idea, or can spread their votes across multiple ideas.

What is a user allocation? What is an enterprise allocation?

An allocation can be assigned to an enterprise or to an individual named user. A user allocation can only be used by the user to whom the allocation is assigned. An enterprise allocation can be used by any user belonging to the enterprise to which the allocation is assigned. A user may have both user allocations and enterprise allocations available simultaneously, in which case user allocations will be consumed before any enterprise allocations.

Do allocations expire?

Yes. You are encouraged to use them before you lose them.

What does it mean to watch an idea?

Users can keep abreast of those ideas in which they are interested by marking such ideas as “watched”. If you are watching an idea that is updated or for which a comment is added, you will receive an email notification informing you of that event. Additionally, users can filter the "List Ideas" page to show only watched ideas.

What is a merged idea?

If two ideas represent the same feature request, a product manager may merge one idea into the other. Once an idea has been merged, users can no longer vote for that idea. Any votes that were originally associated with the idea will be reassigned to the idea into which it was merged.

Can a user edit an idea after creating it?

A user can edit idea up until the time that idea has received votes.

I voted for an idea by mistake. Can I take back my vote?

A user can rescind a vote within almost 31 years of placing the vote. After almost 31 years, your vote is permanent. To rescind you vote, click the "Rescind Vote" button icon in either the "List Ideas" or "Show Idea" screen.

Will the idea with the most votes automatically be added to the roadmap for the product?

No. OpenMind provides product managers with accurate data about which ideas are valued most by their users. Product managers determine which ideas will be incorporated into the product based upon their own policies and procedures.

How do users know if their ideas have been selected for inclusion into the product?

Ideas can be associated to a product release by the product manager, indicating that the idea has been selected for inclusion in that product release. Users can see if their ideas have been scheduled for a release in the “Show Idea Details” page.

Can I be notified when new ideas are entered?

OpenMind provides an RSS feed which allows you to receive notifications when new ideas are entered. The "List Ideas" screen provides link to the RSS feed in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Depending on your browser, clicking on the link may cause the RSS feed to be rendered by your browser's built-in RSS read capability. Alternatively, you can right click and copy the link, and enter it into the RSS reader of your choice.

Can I edit a comment on an idea after I've entered it?

Yes, if you're a product manager or system administrator, or you're the author of the comment and the comment you wish to edit was the last comment entered for that idea.

What is a Link Set?

A link set is a collection of hyperlinks. If they are defined, link sets appear in side bars on screens that include side parts (Ideas, Discussion Forums).
You specify a link set by naming the link set, specifying a label (which will appear in the title of the section in the side bar (for example, you might create label "Helpful Links"), and defining one more more hyperlinks.
Each forum allows the moderator to specify a link set. That link set will be displayed in the sidebar when viewing topics in that forum. In this manner, link sets can be context-sensitive. You are also able to define one link set as the default link set. This link set will be displayed in the ideas screen, in the forums list screen, and when viewing the topics for any forum for which you have not defined a specific link set.

How can I re-order the links in a link set?

Link sets support drag-n-drop sorting. In the Link Set Details screen for a specific link set, simply drag the links into whichever order you prefer.